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Robotics and Flight Control Systems

Axalp Technologies develops full GNC (guidance, navigation, control) software for UAVs and land-based robots. Our competences include system design, implementation as well as ground station design, system testing and flight testing.




  • Path Planning

  • Obstacle Avoidance

  • Online Trajectory Generation

  • Auto landing 

  • Terminal area energy management

  • Minimum time optimal trajectories

  • Waypoint & Loiter guidance

Sensor Fusion

  • Inertial sensors

  • Magnetic sensors

  • GNSS

  • Air data sensors

  • Radar, Lidar


  • Extended Kalman Filtering (UD Filtering)

  • Adaptive Kalman Filtering

  • Unscented Kalman Filtering

Linear Control

  • Classical: PID and loop shaping

  • Optimal Control: LQR, LQG, LMI

  • Robust Control: H-infinity, u-syn, LMI

Non-Linear Control

  • Back stepping

  • Dynamic inversion

Adaptive Control

  • Model Reference Adaptive

  • Neural networks

Linear Parameter Varying

  • Model Predictive Control

  • System Identification

Guidance 1.png
Navigation 1.png
Control 1.png

Software Solutions

  • Flight & Ground Control SW

  • Complete Software Lifecycle

  • Requirements Management:

    • Traceability to and from code

    • Requirements based testing

  • Coverage Analysis:

    • Statement, Decision, Condition, MCDC

Standards and Tools

DO-178C Life Cycle

  • DAL–C and higher

  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification (PSAC)

  • Software Development Plan (SDP)

  • Software Configuration Management Plan (SCM)

  • Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQA) 



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