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Founders and Board of Directors

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Adrian Hachen

Co-founder & Engineer

Adrian Hachen has 9 years of experience in aerodynamics, robotics and structures. He was former airframe lead on eVTOL program, design engineer on high altitude platform at Aurora Flight Sciences. Adrian is a passionate paragliding pilot, ranked vice-world champion 2016, and former test pilot for Gin paragliders.

Dominik Dusek

Co-founder & Engineer

Dominik Dusek is a senior structure analyst with 16 years experience. He was former structures lead at Aurora Flight Sciences and led the airframe development of the Boeing PAV eVTOL in the Swiss office. Dominik is an expert in advanced dynamic analysis, modal coupling and conceptual design and started his carrier as stress engineer at Solar Impulse.

Tim Moser

Co-founder & Advisor

Tim Moser is an engineering professional and serial entrepreneur with an in-depth understanding of aerospace and particular mechatronics development. Previously he was Chief Engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences. He co-founded the company Swiss UAV in 2008, and after merging Swiss UAV with UMS Skeldar worked for the company as CTO. Tim instantiated the Swiss entity of the aircraft electronics provider EuroAvionics – now a Hensoldt company – as Partner and was promoted to Head of Engineering for the EuroAvionics Group.

Frederick Tischhauser

Co-founder & Engineer

Frederick Tischhauser brings 13 years of experience in hardware design, testing and operations. He was former design lead at Aurora Flight Sciences and project lead on the Porsche/Aurora eVTOL development. Former design engineer and test engineer at Solar Impulse.

Amir Kalaoun

Co-founder & Business Development

Amir Kalaoun is a business development professional and previously held the position of Director of International Business Development at Aurora Flight Sciences. Prior to that, Amir was in the aviation maintenance industry, he has extensive aviation experience from maintenance, modifications, retrofits, to supply of new parts and systems (OEM). His experience is spread over commercial, military and VIP sectors.

Team Legacy

  • Multiple eVTOL airframe and system developments and builds

  • Rotor-dynamic simulation and load models

  • Multiple UAV GN&C developments

  • Vehicle integration and testing

  • Solar and HAPS aircraft


Axalp Technologies AG is a newly founded company (2020), based in Switzerland, bringing cross-functional world-class engineering services to partner companies.
Built on recent collaboration, the team presents itself in a new corporate package: Axalp Technologies.
The Axalp team builds on previous years of successful work together on fast-paced engineering development programs. Axalp’s performance will reinforce the value of having an existing, efficient and integrated team working for you.​

With a background heavily rooted in - but not restricted to - aerospace systems, we offer a broad set of engineering skills and tools to tackle any complex engineering system.

Axalp Technologies can be your partner to guide your project or product from a blank sheet of paper to a fully-functional prototype, and onwards to a product ready for the market. Our experienced team will bring your prototype to life with efficiency and precision, ranging from sub-scale concept models, to technology demonstrators, to production-ready prototypes.

How do we work?

By leveraging each individual’s talents and experience, we are building an efficient and competitive team to solve real-world challenges. We are driven by an inventive curiosity and pioneering spirit challenging the status quo.

We're problem-solvers

We create solutions by fully understanding the problem and taking a system-level even while solving details. 

We're a diverse team

Like a living organism, our team is built on generalists and specialists from various parts of the industry. We celebrate diversity and multiple points of view. We complement each other and challenge each other to reach higher.

We speak up

We take responsibility. We’re honest and don’t make promises we can’t keep. We ask for help when and where needed and learn from our mistakes.

Join us

We are excited to meet passionate and skilled people to join the team. If you are interested please get in touch.

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