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What we do

We offer full development services with five major fields of expertise

How we collaborate

Depending on client needs, we act as a short notice engineering SWAT team or long-term partner

Need an external assessment?

Concept Validations

Do you have a design or system and need an external set of eyes? Do you have a problem with the mass build up, performance calculations or controllability? With our experience and tools we can rapidly provide external fact and physics-based validation and guidance.

We always consider the bigger picture

System Level Thinking

We are used to system level thinking and finding optimal solutions in big design spaces.

We design with manufacturing and integration in mind and more than often our engineers take care of the entire process – ensuring a high standard of quality and efficiency.

Unchartered terrain

We do White Paper Developments

Certain ideas need to be explored. We are seasoned at finding and evaluating concepts with and for you. We are excited and passionate about solving technical challenges in unchartered spaces.

Contact us to find out how we can collaborate and support you.

Ready to engage with precision and efficiency


We are a deliberately small, technically focused business specialized in rapid developments. This allows us to act nimbly with minimal administrative and overhead burdens. We engage timely and operate efficiently to generate the highest possible value.

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