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More propellers for another satisfied customer!

We recently shipped a set of custom propeller systems to another of our customers. These systems are equipped with 5 blades each, and sized for an aircraft with electric propulsion. This customer is using one of our “off the shelf” blade designs and a hub with ground-adjustable pitch blocks. (fixed pitch or variable pitch implementations are also available) We can also take a customer-provided blade shape, design the underlying composite makeup of the blade, and fabricate for test or prototype use. Or as a full-service package, we can take customer performance requirements and design the entire aerodynamic blade shape first, before doing structures design and manufacturing. Our next propeller project after this one is already headed to fabrication this month. If you’re developing an aircraft with electric propulsion, you need to talk to us about custom propeller designs for your project today! #aerospace #thefutureiselectric #hybrid #aircraft

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