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Propeller and Rotor Systems for Electric Propulsion

Axalp Technologies offers complete propeller hub systems customized to your needs


Propeller Blades

Light-weight customized propeller blades

20201116 Ground Adjustable Prop Assy V4.


Standard hubs with ground-adjustable blade pitch technology

20201116 Assy Constant Speed split.png

Variable-Pitch Hubs

Constant speed hub system for in-flight blade pitch adjustment

Cost-Competitive Custom Solutions

Swiss Quality, Light Weight

Axalp's in-house tools and design process reduce engineering time. This results in a cost-competitive product that trumps with high quality, reliability and significant weight savings.


Full Service: Engineering & Fabrication

Axalp acts as one-stop-shop and handles definition, development, fabrication and testing of full propulsion systems.

Customers receive a finished product ready for integration.

Prop Top View 1.png

Ask for a quote

We are looking forward to discuss the optimal solution for you and how Axalp Technologies can support your company or product.

Propeller Blades

Custom light-weight composite blades for UAVs and aircraft

Axalp engineered blades are fully optimized with respect to aerodynamics and structure. With a suite of digital tools we turn around outer mold line (OML) models efficiently and validate structural integrity and optimize for stiffness and weight.

20201116 Blade 2.png

Blade Technology

Axalp's propeller blades are produced in closed mold technology. The blades are CFRP sandwich construction Curing temperatures above 120 C° ensure a safe operation considering hot and wet conditions. A Nickel plated leading edge is available as option. 


  • Nickel plated leading edge against erosion

  • Thrust and structural testing capabilities

  • System certification can be pursued if requested

Axalp Package

​As part of the engineering package we offer the following service:

  • Definition of OML to meet thrust performance and match motor characteristics

  • Optimize OML to satisfy structural and manufacturing requirements

  • Fabrication of blades with certificate of conformance

Ground-Adjustable Hubs
Ground-Adjustable Hubs

Propeller hubs for multi-blade propellers

Our ground-adjustable hubs are customized to accommodate between 2 to 5 blades. Axalp's interchangeable Pitch-Blocks offer a quick and maintenance friendly method to set the pitch to any angle you need. 

Hub and Pitch Mechanism

Axalp's ground-adjustable system is made of weight optimized upper and lower hub shells. Blade pitch angles is adjusted by loosening the bolts without disassembling the system. The pitch angle is defined by rotating the blade such that the trunnion-pin extending from the blade root engages with the Pitch-Block. 

The Pitch-Block technology allows quick and maintenance friendly pitch adjustability, ensures angles consistency among blades, and maximizes angle precision.

20201116 Ground Adjustable - Exploded V1
Constant Speed System

Constant speed, variable pitch propulsion systems to maximize performance

Constant Speed

The constant speed systems allow in-flight pitch adjustment, ensuring maximum power transfer from the motor to the airflow. Axalp's constant speed system is fully electric.

Constant Speed Prop Syst 1.png

Hub and Pitch Mechanism

Axalp's constant speed system consists of a split hub (upper and lower) providing good access for machining operations (cost), inspection and assembly access (safety). Each propeller is fitted with a tapered roller bearing that is selected and sized to react centrifugal, aerodynamic and actuation loads. The offset propeller trunnion pin (which controls pitch angle) is engaged in the Pitch Control Slider. The slider is made of light-weight durable material that maximizes precision while minimizing friction. The slider engaged with all five blades simultaneously and the axial position is controlled via the Actuation Pushrod through a hollow motor shaft.

System Features

  • Suitable for propeller diameters between 0.7-1.5 m

  • Wide angle range of up to 45 degree pitch variation

  • Features safety release system with automatic feathering of blades

  • System can accommodate 2-5 blades

  • Compact and light hub (0.9 m diameter system at 2.25 kg)

  • Optimal performance reached together with Axalp blades

  • Optimally combined with hollow shaft electric motors

Safety System

A safety mechanism handles actuator failure by disconnecting the pushrod from the actuator. This system is triggered by an independent electric circuit. As a result, the internal spring ensures that all blades move to a feathered or climb position.

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